Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I get started?
We make it easy. Complete a simple questionnaire and provide a sketch of the space you’re working with. Click 'Get Started Here' at the top of the page to fill out our simple form today.
What are the benefits of using Fashion Optical Displays?
Service and quality set us apart from the competition. Consider the fact that we have outfitted thousands of dispensaries over the past 30 years. We know all there is to know about designing and manufacturing optical displays. We understand that presentation is everything and we provide furnishings that display and merchandise eye wear properly. We are experienced in all design requirements, including traffic flow, lighting, ergonomics and specific ADA requirements. We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality product on time and on budget. We will be here to service your needs next year, in 5 years, and when you’re ready to expand your dispensary.
What is the difference between Fashion Optical Displays and its competitors?
Fashion Optical Displays stands behind the products we manufacture and install. Our main purpose is to not only deliver what was promised but deliver more than expected. Our quality is of the finest available in the industry due to our state-of-the-art equipment and dedicated staff. Our service is outstanding. No job is too small, whether it be a small corner or complete office.
I am starting my first practice. How can you help me?
As you begin your career you will have plenty on your plate. We make the process of designing and outfitting a dispensary as easy as possible. We have set up thousands of dispensaries and will gladly share our expertise and provide numerous referrals of additional reputable companies within the optical industry.
Do you offer financing?
Yes, we have sources within the ophthalmic industry who are eager to work with you on financing your displays and furnishings, as well as all your practice enhancement or expansion needs. Give us a call and we will put you directly in touch with someone who can help, or check out our Financing page.
How can you design my office without being on-site?
This is a very simple and cost-effective process. We design offices and interiors based on the information you provide, the same way an architect designs buildings without first seeing them. By using Computer Aided Drafting programs (AutoCAD), we are able to replicate your office to scale and provide you with three-dimensional views to help you visualize the design. Changes are also easily made, at no additional charge. If needed, you can forward us digital pictures to help explain more complex concepts.
Do I need an architect, and how does your Complete Practice Design compare with architectural plans?
Any new construction may require an architect’s seal on the plans in order meet local building code requirements and obtain local building permits. Interior build outs, or tenant improvements usually don’t require an architect. It is wise to check with your local contractor to be sure. Local contractors and architects are always familiar with your local building codes, which vary between municipalities. Our Complete Office Designs are not architectural plans but are drawn to scale and show room placement and traffic flow. Within the rooms are appropriate placement of upper and lower cabinets, counters and sinks. Once the basic footprint is finalized the plan can be given to a contractor or architect, if required, to obtain the proper permits. At this point, we complete the layout with suggestions and cost estimates for whatever furnishings are needed, including frame displays, dispensing tables, reception desks, waiting room chairs, contact lens, lab or break room furnishings. Our designers work directly with your architect or contractor to ensure your project goes smoothly.
Do you help with color coordination?
Yes, we can assist with the selection of items, such as paint or flooring, or the selection of materials for the entire office. Selections may also include wall coverings, woods and laminates, chair fabrics and lighting options. Call today and speak with one of our designers.
Who delivers my displays?
We offer several types of delivery options to accommodate your specific needs—everything from shipping the displays to your front door to complete delivery and installation. Your very own Customer Service Agent tracks the progress of your order and ensures all aspects of your delivery and/or installation are coordinated properly. If you have chosen our Installation Service, your furnishings will be installed by our experienced crew who ensure the job is complete and done right.
Can you provide references?
We complete hundreds of office renovations annually throughout the United States. You can simply contact one of our designers at 800-824-4106 and they will search our database for locations nearest to you.
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